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Painting your home is one of those tasks that many people add to the to-do list, but tend to push it to the bottom. When you enlist the services of The Painter, you’ll find that your painting project goes smoothly and quickly. Bill Newson has been painting homes in New Jersey for over 30 years, and he always works to meet the highest standards and provide excellent customer service to all of his clients.

How The Painter Can Be of Service

While Bill specializes in residential painting, he can also assist with handyman services. He understands that sometimes those small jobs that make the to-do list require an experienced handyman. In addition to home painting and handyman services, The Painter can also take care of any power washing or staining needs you may have.

If you’re painting the interior of your home, then you may need help with wallpaper removal. Due to his experience in the industry, Bill has found the best methods for almost all aspects of residential painting, including wallpaper removal. If you’ve ever found yourself taking on a painting project only to be left frustrated and with different results than you were hoping for, then you’re not alone. This time, call in The Painter, Bill Newson, so you can sit and relax throughout the entire process. He’s more than happy to do the hard work for you!

The Difference The Painter Can Make

The Painter has been part of the New Jersey community for a long time, and he puts care and attention to detail into each job to make sure every project is done well. He understands the value that quality painting can add to your home. He communicates with you every step of the way because he knows that it can be frustrating when you can’t reach people who are working on your home.

He welcomes any questions you may have about his services and always listens to your vision before getting started. If you have a porch or deck that needs staining, a room in your home that needs painting, or any other general handyman services completed, get in touch with The Painter today!